Weekly Development Update - September 6th 2019

Hi Computable Community!

We’re continuing our developer updates with everything that’s been going on in Computable world over the last week (check out last week’s update). We had a bit of a late start due to Labor Day this last Monday, but worked hard and got a ton done regardless.

Last Week’s Progress

  • We did a lot of design work getting our UI flows ready for our first public testnet market. Our frontend team is moving fast so we’re making sure everything is ready for them to implement.
  • We made significant progress closing off the last open tickets from our first audit. We closed a number of audit issues and hope to have a stable version of our contracts ready for public testnet launch soon.
  • CAPI is live! We have a live datatrust that conforms to CAPI (the Computable API). The API isn’t fully fleshed out, but we’re working hard to get this ready for prime time. We also built out some of our devops infrastructure for datatrust handling.
  • We’ve got some first command line (CLI) tools for CAPI to let datatrust operators manage their datatrusts.
  • We’ve fleshed out the voting UI, and gotten the core modules working. We’re now ready to start work on rendering the UI. This means getting our testing mocks to conform to CAPI, and wiring up to the live datatrust.

Next Week’s Priorities

  • We want to close off the remaining audit tickets, and start the process of propagating audit contract changes to the downstream API libraries and CAPI.
  • We want to start writing an audit recap recounting our changes to the contracts to mitigate security issues.
  • We’re just about ready to start working on the data delivery implementation on CAPI.
  • We’ll get our mocks conforming with CAPI and start implementing the UI for market support and data delivery.

More to Come

Stay tuned for our developer update next week!