Weekly Development Update - September 27th 2019

Hi Computable Community!

We’ve got a number of exciting updates this week. To catch-up on what we’ve been up to, check out last week’s update

Before we get started on development updates, we want to let you know that we’re looking to grow our team! We’ve got new job postings up for an operations hire and a senior backend engineer. (We’re open to remote candidates for the senior backend engineer position.) If you’ve been reading along in these notes, you’ll understand that we face a number of very non-standard engineering and operational challenges. We think joining our team will catapult you to the forefront of a new frontier of engineering. Please apply!

Alright, now back to our regularly scheduled update. We’ve been working hard on a number of fronts this week

Last Week’s Progress

  • We’re working on getting the final smart contract changes for our audit merged in. We discovered a number of snarls in our current smart contract development flow and spent some time cleaning up the situation. We’re now well positioned to move faster on protocol development moving forward.
  • We’ve been exploring some static analysis tooling to help us analyze our smart contracts as we develop them. This work is still on-going.
  • We’ve started some early scoping work on parameters for our bug bounty program
  • We’ve now got voting functional on our UI! We can vote in new listings through the web UI, allowing for governance of a datamarket without having to use command line tools. We’re still working on the test infra before we merge in these changes
  • We’ve put in a good chunk of effort cleaning up our CSS/HTML. Our initial UI was very bare-bones and clunky. We know that UI is critically important for blockchain applications, so we’ve been working on the design and the flow to make it more straightforward.
  • We cleared out a number of minor message content mismatches leading to errors when the frontend UI and the datatrust are talking. We’ve also started some refactoring to clean-up how the frontend talks to the protocol.
  • We added a tasks endpoint that allows for querying the datatrust about the progress of asynchronous uploads/downloads.
  • We’re working on a simple authentication scheme for uploads/downloads to the datatrust which requires users to sign with their private keys to prove identity in exchange for a Json Web Token they can use to upload/download data.

This Coming Week’s Priorities

  • We’ll finish up the audit work, merging in the clean versions of our security fixes. This will let us get started on updating our other libraries to use the latest version of the smart contracts.
  • We’ll finish up our datatrust authentication scheme and use it to gate uploads/downloads to the datatrust.
  • We’ll get a first version of our data download endpoint on the datatrust functional.
  • We’ll get our voting infrastructure with tests merged in and integrate the purchasing UI with the datatrust download capabilities.
  • We have some more technical refactoring on the frontend that we’d like to get through so we have a solid base for future development.

More to Come

We’re continuing our sprint towards getting a end-to-end data market up and running! We’re working through the final complications of system-wide integration and we’re making steady progress. Stay tuned!