Weekly Development Update - September 20th 2019

Hi Computable Community!

We’re excited to bring you the updates from our last week of development. (To catch up, check out the previous week’s update)

Last Week’s Progress

  • All changes for the security audit are now up as pull requests and under review. Once these changes are merged in, our contracts will be ready for a public testnet launch. We plan to announce a bug bounty program to invite further review at that point.
  • We’ve got our asynchronous data uploading infrastructure functional! This is a major milestone since it will let us handle large file uploads which may take some time to process. This infrastructure will also help handle large file downloads as well.
  • We’ve made significant progress integrating our frontend UI to our backend datatrust. Our test system running on a private network can now upload data to the datatrust through the UI.
  • We’ve also made significant progress on the UI for purchasing and downloading data, with a number of first pull requests merged in.

This Coming Week’s Priorities

  • We’re eager to get our data download infrastructure functional so we can download data from the datatrust. We need to flesh out some of our asynchronous task handling infrastructure on the way.
  • Both downloads and uploads rely on basic identity (prove you control the private key attached to this Ethereum address). We’re working on a simple signature scheme for download/upload authentication
  • We want to integrate the voting UI to the backend, so we can complete a full round of adding a new listing candidate to the data market, uploading the data to the datatrust, and then voting in the listing candidate to the UI.
  • We want to get our data purchase UI up and functional
  • We want to get our audit PRs merged in and start updating our downstream API libraries to use the stable testnet version of the protocol.

More to Come

We’ve made significant progress towards integrating all the pieces of the data market protocol, and are nearing the final innings of a push to get a full end-to-end prototype system (with UI integrated with datatrust) running on a private test network. Stay tuned!