Weekly Development Update - September 13th 2019

Hi Computable Community!

We’re a little delayed on last week’s developer update, but we’re excited to tell you what we were up to. (To catch up, check out the previous week’s update)

Last Week’s Progress

  • We’ve started in earnest working on wiring our frontend codebase to to our datatrust codebase. This has involved getting some message formats ironed out, figuring out a number of permissions issues, and a couple other integration bugs. But we’re making rapid progress!
  • We got synchronous uploads of data to the datatrust ironed out and merged in, and working on getting asynchronous uploads of data working. We’re also starting early work on the data download architecture for the datatrust
  • We’ve finished up one of the core pieces for the Voting UI and are ready to start integrating voting with listing management
  • We continued iterating on security fixes for the audit. The fixes themselves are fairly straightforward, but required some overhauling of our testing infrastructure. We’ve got these changes in review now.

This Coming Week’s Priorities

  • Make progress on front-end and datatrust integration. Our major target is using the front-end to mediate the full process of uploading data to the data market. This includes creating a listing candidate, uploading the listing data to the datatrust, and voting in the candidate as a full-fledged listing on chain
  • Get a working data download architecture to a functional state where it’s possible to download data correctly in our testing infrastructure
  • Merge in outstanding security fixes, and make calls on what additional fixes we’re planning on making. We realized it might be possible to close off a serious hole with a relatively small tweak and are evaluating carefully.

More to Come

We’re working on some exciting community building ideas as well. We’ll have more to share about this in the coming weeks!