Weekly Development Update - October 4th 2019

Hi Computable Community!

We’ve got a number of exciting updates this week. To catch-up on what we’ve been up to, check out last week’s update

Last Week’s Progress

  • We reworked our build/test infrastructure on our smart contract development repo to be significantly more robust. This update closes off some asynchrony issues we were having before.
  • We’ve merged in all but the last fix for our audit work on our smart contract suite. We have the final PRs for the last fix in review and plan to update our contracts to their stable release version next week.
  • We stabilized our /task endpoint on CAPI which allows market participants to query the status of asynchronous tasks running on the datatrust. In particular, we added a new endpoint /task/uuid. If users POST a tx_hash for a transaction that hasn’t yet been mined, then CAPI will poll the blockchain for the tx_hash and report when it has mined. This in particular frees Computable front-ends from having to implement a long-poller for the blockchain to track transactions. We’ve started to wire calls to this endpoint into the front-end.
  • We implemented our new /authorize endpoint on CAPI which allows for protocol participants to prove their identity to the datatrust by signing a nonce with their private key. This issues the participant a JSON web token (JWT) that can be used to download data. We also added initial support for JWT to CAPI.
  • We made significant progress refactoring the UI/style components of the front-end so that the UI isn’t just bare bones. We also refactored and cleaned up how the front-end interacts with the protocol.
  • We started cleaning up our python API library computable.py by sprucing up the test suite and adding in skeletons for readthedocs.

Next Week’s Priorities

  • We need to get the last audit fixes merged in, then update our API libraries, then update CAPI and our frontend codebase.
  • We need to get our data download infrastructure functional so we can handle data purchase flows.
  • We need to get the data purchase flow working through the UI.
  • We need to start early work on getting UIs for support and withdraw.

More to Come

We’re getting closer and closer to getting our first data markets up and live! If you’d like a sneak peak, take a look at the API of our live CAPI instance https://ffastaging.computablelabs.com/. Stay tuned for more updates next week!