Weekly Development Update - October 25th 2019

Hi Computable Community!

We’ve got a number of exciting updates this week. To catch-up on what we’ve been up to, check out last week’s update. Readers last week seemed to like the new format so we’re sticking with it. We’re also adding some community links to the bottom of the post to provide entry points for you to get more involved with the community.

Last Week’s Progress

Release Candidate Protocol Deployed on Testnet!

One of the major bits of progress we made was successfully deploying a private testnet data market with release candidate contracts. We’ve upgraded both our datatrust and frontend infrastructure to support the release candidate code. This was an important milestone for us since it was our first internal “hard fork” that required tearing down and putting up a new data market and shifting all our internal infrastructure over. As our tooling for this process matures, we’ll make it easier and easier for community members to move between data markets.

Backend Delivery Support Now Stabilized

We got preliminary support for data delivery into the datatrust codebase last week, but it turned out we had some issues with gauging file size for listings that we had to iron out. We’ve debugged these issues and now have a datatrust capable of properly supporting deliveries, unblocking us to create UIs for data purchase.

Terminal User Interface Alpha Version Now Ready

The new Compas TUI is much improved from last week. We now have a powerful view of global market stake that allows interested users to get a view of their position in a given data market. The Compas tool will provide Computable community members a powerful tool to interact with the governance of a data market. Check out this screenshot which gives a user command panel for a data market:

As a second bonus screenshot for you folks, you can see a glimpse below of how you can use Compas to expand out candidates that are currently up for vote in the data market:

Challenges and Withdrawal Now Work on Frontend

We’ve now added support for withdrawing from a data market and challenging existing listings through the UI. At this point, all core data market operations except for data purchase and reparameterization are supported through the web UI. Data purchase is something we’re hacking on right now, and reparameterization (as a governance operation) will be handled through the Compas TUI instead.

Take a sneak peek at this screenshot of uploading data for a new listing to the market:

Staking and Slashing For Multiple Datatrusts Alpha Design on Forums

We polished up our write-up from last week of staking and slashing with multiple datatrusts and posted it here on the forums. One of our major research goals has been to remove the need for a single trusted data market operator per data market. With this staking/slashing design in place, we now have the alpha design for multiple untrusted datatrusts in place! We invite community feedback on this design, especially on potential attacks or inefficiencies you might see

Next Week’s Priorities

Getting Data Purchase Frontend Working

We’re already hard at work getting data purchases wired into the UI. We hope to have some pretty pictures to show you next time of the purchase flow.

Harden Frontend in Preparation for Launch

We’ve started doing a second pass over the implemented frontend operations to ensure that the UI is actually robust. We’re working on a series of bugfixes and design improvements to clean this up.

Groundwork for Public Testnet and Mainnet Launch

Now that our release candidate private testnet is up and running successfully, we’re sprinting towards getting a public testnet data market up and running. We’re going to do some groundwork on this next week, making sure our public testnet infra is stable. We’re also working on getting our mainnet infra in place for the first mainnet deployment.

Getting Involved

We’re excited to grow the Computable community. If you’d like to get more involved, follow us on social media or chat with our devs on Discord:

Discord: https://discord.gg/3mFF8zy

Twitter: @computable_io

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