Weekly Development Update - October 18th 2019

Hi Computable Community!

We’ve got a number of exciting updates this week. To catch-up on what we’ve been up to, check out last week’s update. We’ve spent the last week heads down, hard at work, so we’re excited to give you an update on everything we’ve been up to. We’re tweaking our format a bit again this week to find a nice balance between bullet points and a prose essay. Let us know what you like!

Last Week’s Progress

Protocol Libraries Updated to Release Candidate

We mentioned that last week, we hit a critical milestone of achieving a “release candidate” for our upcoming mainnet release. This week, we froze this release candidate and updated our stable contract computable repo along with our downstream API libraries computable.py and computable.js. With these libraries updated, we’re now ready to redeploy our private testnet and frontend instance to run on the latest audited code. We also spent a little bit of time writing up what we’ve learned from the audit and have prepared some blog posts walking through the technical changes we made and the things we learned in the process. Keep an eye out for these coming soon :slight_smile:

Backend Now Supports Deliveries

On the backend side, we merged in our support for deliveries! Recall that deliveries are how purchased data are securely sent to the buyer from the datatrust. With this infrastructure in place, we’ve now cleared one of the major remaining hurdles in our system implementation since we’ve successfully bridged the gap between an on-chain purchase of data and an off-chain, real-world delivery. We’ve also made a number of minor improvements to the datatrust architecture and are working on smoothing out this flow in preparation for integration with the frontend.

New Terminal User Interface For Power Users

On a related note, one thing that’s become clear to us in the last few weeks is that we need a way for “power users” to interact with data markets. We’ve been doing a lot of work on designing a powerful frontend which will allow new users to interact with data markets through a web UI. But it’s also clear that power users might need a lower frills, more full featured way of interacting with market state. For this reason, we’ve been making a push to get a terminal user interface that provides a window into data market state. Check out a screenshot:

Supporting Data Market through Frontend Now Functional

On the frontend, we’ve made a number of major improvements. We now have the ability to support data markets through the UI. We also have most of our infrastructure for issuing challenges up and running. Most of the infrastructure for purchasing data is in place, and we’re iterating on making sure that the deliveries can be downloaded via the frontend. We’ve also been iterating on our designs. Here’s a sneak peek:

Research on Multiple Datatrusts and STARKS Continues

We’ve made some good progress on understanding how multiple datatrusts could work. We’ve got a draft of a research post on how staking and slashing might work for multiple datatrust. We’ve also continued iterating on STARK experiments to build a foundation for secure computing on datatrusts. There’s still a lot of work we need to do on this end though, so work continues.

Next Week’s Priorities

A major goal for next week is updating all our infrastructure to our release candidate contracts. We will also continue working on finishing up challenges, purchases, and withdrawals from the frontend, and also mature the terminal user interface for power users. Stay tuned for more updates!