Weekly Development Update - October 11th 2019

Hi Computable Community!

We’ve got a number of exciting updates this week. To catch-up on what we’ve been up to, check out last week’s update

We’re trying out a new format in this week’s community update by attempting to write prose descriptions rather than bullet points. We were inspired by Prysmatic labs superb development updates which have explanations and pictures, so we’re going to try to live up to their example. So let’s get the ball rolling!

Last Week’s Progress

The previous week, we got in a number of audit fixes into the smart contract codebase. We continued that process this week, and have finally finished! We’ve now achieved a major milestone, since we’ve hit what we’re calling a “release candidate” version of our contract code that should be ready for public testnet and (hopefully mainnet) launch. We’re doing some internal checks to make sure there aren’t any last logging events we want to add, but if things look green, we’re going to update the stable computable repo and the downstream API libraries to the release candidate version early next week.

As a follow-up to hitting this release candidate, we’ve also drafted a first cut internally at a bug bounty policy. We’re reviewing this policy internally and will announce a bug bounty in the coming weeks that will reward external developers and hackers who find issues with our contracts or API libraries. More broadly, we’re also starting to improve our infrastructure for deploying contracts and managing data market governance as we prepare for public testnet and mainnet versions of the protocol. We discovered some minor bugs in our deployment scripts and refreshed our private testnet with a correct deployment as we iterated this week. We’ll hopefully have more to share on public testnet deployments soon.

On the datatrust end, we’ve continued stabilizing our backend CAPI infrastructure (Recall that CAPI is the “computable API”, the common standard that all datatrusts must implement). We closed a number of minor bugs. In addition, we’ve made considerable progress on implementing the “delivery flow.” This is how data is downloaded from the datatrust by an authorized user after they’ve made the payment off-chain. We’ve been iterating back and forth on a pull request implementing these deliveries and should have that infrastructure in place shortly.

On the frontend side, we made a lot of progress. One major milestone we hit was that we were able to upload a listing (recall a “listing” is our term for a chunk of data uploaded to the data market) and vote it into the data market all through our UI! We’ve previously handled listing uploads purely through command line, so we’re excited to see that our frontend infrastructure has matured to the point where it can be used to execute critical data governance tasks.

We’ve also made considerable headway on the UI for purchasing data, with some large pull requests in the wings right now. This work required integrating the frontend UI with some of the blockchain polling infrastructure we recently built into the datatrust. We’ve also made lots of headway on the UI flow for supporting and withdrawing from a market, on both the design and code (recall support/withdraw are the processes by which an interested patron can add funds to a data market or exit funds from a data market). We hope to have these UI flows stabilized next week. On the design end, we also made a number of continued improvements to the display for our components.

We also made some good progress on the research end this week. We figured out some key puzzles on the pathway to enabling multi-datatrust support. We’re continuing to make slow but steady headway in our research on enabling secure computation against the data in a data market.

Next Week’s Priorities

We’ll take some time at the start of next week to update all our libraries and private test networks to the release candidate version of our contracts. We also plan to stabilize the delivery/data-download infrastructure and integrate it with our UI. The same goes for our support/withdraw infrastructure. Once the next push is complete, we should have a functional datamarket UI that allows for uploads/purchases/downloads of data! If time permits, we’ll start next week on fleshing out the UI for our governance capabilities so we can challenge bad data and reparameterize the market through the frontend.

More to Come!

As our APIs stabilize, we’re excited to get other developers building on top of the core Computable ecosystem. We’re doing lots of groundwork to improve our documentation. We’ll have more news to share on this front hopefully soon. Stay tuned!

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