Weekly Development Update - November 22nd 2019

Hi Computable Community!

We’ve got a number of exciting updates this week. To catch-up on what we’ve been up to, check out last week’s update.

Last Week’s Updates

We made a major push the week previous to get contracts up onto mainnet, so we ended up taking a little time to rest and recover after our big push. This meant this week was a little slower than usual, but helped us build up strength for our big push moving forward.

Debugging Mainnet Capi and Frontend

We took some time this week to debug our mainnet Capi and frontend deployments. There were a number of subtle interaction and timing errors that we had to iron out as we spent more time testing the system.

Next Week’s Priorities

Making Deployments More Robust

As we get closer to getting our systems ready for use by more folks, we’re planning on spending a good chunk of time making the systems more robust and ready for broader use. Expect to see more of this coming up soon!

Getting Involved

We’re excited to grow the Computable community. If you’d like to get more involved, follow us on social media or chat with our devs on Discord. Here are some references to help you get started: