Weekly Development Update - November 15th 2019

Hi Computable Community!

We’ve got a number of exciting updates from last week. To catch-up on what we’ve been up to, check out the previous week’s update.

Last Week’s Updates

Contracts shipped to mainnet!

Following up from our deployment of contracts to Rinkeby last week, we deployed our first data market contracts to mainnet! This was an exciting milestone for us, since it marks the first time a data market is up and running with live funds. We’re not going to share the address of these contracts just yet, since we’re still doing final testing, but we hope to be able to share more information about the mainnet deployment soon.

Using Compas to interact with mainnet contracts

One of our worries earlier was that our development tooling might break as we transition from our private and public test networks to the main network. Part of the reason for this has to do with timing. Our test networks are proof-of-authority, not proof-of-work, and tend to confirm transactions more quickly. It seemed possible that differences in timing could lead to tricky errors between testnet and mainnet. However, we were able to boot up Compas and connect it to our mainnet contracts just fine! This was a nice validation for us of our engineering process and the effort we’ve put into building solid tools.

Deploying Capi for Rinkeby and Mainnet

We worked this week on getting Capi instances up and running to serve the Rinkeby testnet and mainnet contracts. This process worked smoothly for the most part, but required us to clean up our config file handling and add some improvements on how we estimate gas price for mainnet. We’ve pushed these changes in and have deployed a Capi instance for Rinkeby and are almost done deploying for Mainnet as well.

We’re still focused on working through some timeout issues as well. Sometimes, Capi hangs when talking to Rinkeby/mainnet and we think it might have to do with some of our worker threads timing out. We’ll have more to say on this next week.

Deploying frontend for Rinkeby

We also improved our deployment infrastructure for our web UI and now have a deployed version of our web UI that talks to the Rinkeby contracts. This version is almost fully functional, but we’re working through some last bugs on the integration here. Once we have these bugs ironed out, we’re going to work on connecting our web frontend to the mainnet contracts.

Picture Time

We took a good chunk of time this week to improve and polish our web UI handling. Here’s a sneak peek at some new screenshots from the UI. Here’s the page where you can choose to share data

Clicking through, you get to the listing upload page where you can upload an interesting file to share. You can then upload this to the datatrust.

We’ll have more pictures for you next week as we continue refining the web UI!

Next Week’s Priorities

Polishing the Rinkeby and Mainnet Deployments

We made a push this week to get our first set of contracts out onto mainnet. We want to finish the process of connecting these contracts to Capi and to our web UI. We also have some minor bugs which we need to clean up. We’ll get to these next week.

Getting Involved

We’re excited to grow the Computable community. If you’d like to get more involved, follow us on social media or chat with our devs on Discord. Here are some references to help you get started: