Weekly Development Update - August 30th 2019

Hi Computable Community! We’ve decided to start doing weekly developer updates. The pace of work on the core Computable codebase is picking up speed and nearing some major milestones, so we want to start regularly sharing our progress with our community. We’ll post our updates weekly on Fridays here on the developer forums.

Where we’re at

Since this is the first time we’re doing one of these updates, I’ll do a brief recap of everything that’s going on in the Computable world. A few months ago, we posted our whitepaper, laying out our fundamental research into the design of data markets, our invention for fairly valuing and governing data in a decentralized fashion. We’ve been developing our core set of smart contracts, implementing the first version of the Computable protocol over the last year. Our development work on our contracts has matured considerably as we’ve hardened and tested our code. We also recently completed a first security audit of our codebase (we’ll have more to share on this in a few weeks) and are finishing up some last set of changes. You can see the stable version of our contracts on the computable repo. If you’re a fan of the bleeding edge, check out goest which holds our contract development work along with some very cool testing tools.

As our core contracts have neared stability, we’ve increasingly focused on the external libraries surrounding the core contracts. computable.js and computable.py are our Javascript and Python API libraries that provide convenient object oriented interfaces to interacting with the Computable protocol. We’re also working on a common api, CAPI (the Computable API), for building datatrusts (recall that datatrusts are the off-chain data storage workhorse of the Computable ecosystem). We’re now focused on launching a first live data market (codename FFA for “free for all”) to facilitate the growth of the Computable ecosystem and help on-board newcomers to our community.

Last Week’s Progress

  • Continued iterating on the ffa-frontend. We’ve got our UI for listings and candidates basically worked out, and are hard at work iterating on the voting UI right now
  • Rapid maturation of CAPI (the development work is happening on a branch instead of on master if you’re interested in peeking). Endpoints to send and retrieve listings are basically functional.
  • Lots of documentation work on-going. The first draft of “The Computable Book” is now being reviewed by the team.

Next Week’s Priorities

  • Get the voting UI stable
  • Stabilize CAPI and start integrating it with the front-end
  • Finish the last round of security fixes to the core Computable contracts and scope out downstream fixes.
  • Continue iterating on the book

More to Come

Stay tuned on the developer forums each week for continued updates! We’ll keep you in the loop as we sprint towards launching our first data markets into the world :slight_smile: