Commission, patronage and curation of digital art

Continuing a thread that started here: with @zigzagzilla.

Essentially, can a Computable Data Market serve in this regard?

I’d say yes. Not only that but it many different ways. I’ll not go on a long diatribe here, but i will say that my many years in the music business, having seen any notion of DRM done horribly wrong, give me a thing or two to say about such things…

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I’m really looking forward to the discussion–I do want to make sure I’m clear on the taxonomy though: Manual art in a digital marketplace, versus digital art in the same digital marketplace. I suspect there’ll be different approaches to identity, access, and monetization depending on the medium without there being significant differences in the structure of marketplaces or customer experiences?

On taxonomy: which is interesting to you?

By ‘manual’ do you mean non-digital?

Would either be achievable? Depends. We designed the protocol to be non-opinionated such that its uses could easily be adapted to situations we’d never considered. It does, however, have opinions about the rights of the creators of a Listing in a Computable Market and their continuous recognition, and attribution, as such.

What’s a Listing then? Its an “on-chain” pointer to a valued piece of data that exists somewhere. What is a valued-piece-of-data? Is it some current streaming data from an oceanic vessel that’s tracking movements of Narwhals? Could be. Is it an .MP3 recording of your punk band? Why not? Is it meta-data about an analog piece of art? Hmm, I don’t know.

What sort of blockchain-ledger governed (data) markets are you invisioning @zigzagzilla? We can then break down how one might put them together.

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Fantastic food for thought, thank you!

I don’t see any reason for the market to be intrinsically different since the transfers of value are inherently the same regardless of the item–I do think there are levels of “voting” power to applaud and reward content, additional, perhaps non-fungible tokens to vote up any information in a marketplace, and then perhaps a fungible reward at certain levels that could be exchanged in an internal DEX for anything from additional voting power to fiat currency. In a creative marketplace this could be the forum for marketing, influencer marketing, micro-rewards, accessions, commissions, support (a la Patreon) and other unforeseen transaction types. For digital art/music/content this is perhaps an easy verification in some embedded, salted hash…and I may be giving away my ignorance here :slight_smile: For manual (non-digital) there could be cues that reference a digital copy; or there could be escrow forms that ensure validity is satisfied before confirmations are cued. These are rough, off the cuff thoughts–I’d really enjoy hearing from you/others on this too!



I’m starting to toy around with uploaded images in which assigns them a hash…